My Video Work

(Me in New York in fall 2011. Photo by Blake Ogden)

Morning Dose TV

From summer 2017 through spring 2018, my team at Dose produced Morning Dose, a social-media-driven broadcast news show, which has an audience of hundreds of thousands. 

We surfaced stories through a social-listening tools, and tested those stories using a proprietary algorithm to gauge interest. Only the best made it on the show.

Dose & OMGFacts Video

HuffPost, TIME and Others

I worked directly with Arianna Huffington on a number of projects for The Huffington Post. Above: on the bus from New York to D.C. for The Rally To Restore Sanity, October 2010.
(Photo: Getty Images/Michael Loccisano)

• Hurricane Sandy Video: Rockaways Residents Tell Their Stories After The Storm (HuffPost, 2012. Camera, editing, writing)

• The Undecided Voter (HuffPost, 2012. Camera, editing, writing)

• Skipping The Middleman, Straight To The Lobsterman (TIME, 2012. Camera, writing, editing)

• Taxpayer-Funded 'Crisis Pregnancy Centers' Proselytize And Spread Misinformation: A Special Report (2011, RH Reality Check. Camera, voice)

• Protesting Birth Control In Rural Wisconsin (2010, RH Reality Check. Camera, writing)

• Mother's Day At An Abortion Clinic (2010, Stuart TV Productions. Camera, editing)

• Meh Romney: How No One Really Seems To Like Mitt (HuffPost, 2012)

• 25 Years Of Politicians Making Awkward Rap References (HuffPost, 2012)

• Politicians Talking About Weed: The Supercut (HuffPost, 2012) 

• Tim James: "American English" (featured on MSNBC and

• Romney Rock! (Featured in BuzzFeed)