Thursday, August 6, 2015


Original Video

Hurricane Sandy Video: Rockaways Residents Tell Their Stories After The Storm (HuffPo, 2012. Camera, editing, writing)

The Undecided Voter (HuffPo, 2012. Camera, editing, writing)

Skipping The Middleman, Straight To The Lobsterman (TIME, 2012. Camera, writing, editing)

Taxpayer-Funded 'Crisis Pregnancy Centers' Proselytize And Spread Misinformation: A Special Report (2011, RH Reality Check. Camera, voice)

Protesting Birth Control In Rural Wisconsin (2010, RH Reality Check. Camera, writing)

Mother's Day At An Abortion Clinic (2010, Stuart TV Productions. Camera, editing)

(Photo by Blake Ogden)


The Nine Wildest Things Fox News Said In 2012 (HuffPo, 2012. Writing, editing)

Obama On Gun Control: 5 Years Of Sweet Nothings (HuffPo, 2012. Writing, editing)

Mitt Romney's Awkward Bonding Tour Of America (HuffPo, 2012. Writing, editing)

Paul Ryan Looks At Poverty, Sees Undignified Takers (HuffPo, 2012. Writing/editing)

Meh Romney: How No One Really Seems To Like Mitt (HuffPo, 2012. Writing, editing)

25 Years Of Politicians Making Awkward Rap References (HuffPo, 2012 - Writing, editing)

Politicians Talking About Weed: The Supercut (HuffPo, 2012 - Writing, editing)


Tim James: "American English" (featured on The Rachel Maddow Show and TIME. Camera, co-writing)

Romney Rock! (Featured in BuzzFeed. Camera, co-writing)