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From The Middle East

Feb. 2017 - The Jerusalem Report magazine: A View From The Front Lines: How Living In Israel Changed My View Of The Conflict

Nov. 2016 - Al Jazeera English: Meet Gaza's Female Geeks

Oct. 2016 - The Jerusalem Report magazine: Casting Their Ballot For Trump - Why Israelis Are Voting For The Donald

Sept. 2016 - Al Bawaba News: 'As Far As Their Bullets Can Reach' - Israel/Palestine Descends Into Fresh Wave Of Violence

Sept. 2016 - Vice/Motherboard: Accelerating Startups Under Blockade In The 'Gaza Challenge'

Aug. 2016 - Al Bawaba News: In 30 Years Of Conflict, The U.S. Has Killed At Least 435,000 Muslims

July 2016 - Plus61J: How Former Israeli And Palestinian Fighters Adopt Non-Violence

July 2016 - The Jerusalem Report magazine: A Visit To An Israeli-Run Agricultural Farm Show's Jerusalem's Push Into Africa

June 2016 - The Jerusalem Report magazine: Anarchy In The Jewish State - Meet The Supporters Of The 'No-State Solution'

May 2016 - The Times Of Israel: As Victims Pile Up, The Binary Options Industry Parties In Cyprus

May 2016 - Middle East Eye: Jordanian Website Turns To Satire To Combat Heavy News

March 2016 - Plus61J: Cross-Border Preparation For A Peaceful Coexistence

March 2016 - Vice/Motherboard: Botnets Plague The Web. This A.I. Is Out To Stop Them

Feb. 2016 - Vice/Motherboard: The Future Of Cybersecurity Is Being Written In The Israeli Desert

Jan. 2016 - Pacific Standard: The Hard Lives Of Non-Believers In The Middle East

Jan. 2016 - The Jerusalem Report magazine: Israel's National Library Is Changing Its Definition Of Jewishness

Dec. 2015 - Al Bawaba News: Knife Intifada, East Jerusalem Side: Daily Frustrations Push People Over The Edge

Dec. 2015 - Al Bawaba News: Muslims, Massacres & The Media: San Bernardino Raises Uncomfortable Questions

Dec. 2015 - Vice/Motherboard: How 3G Will Change Palestine

Oct. 2015 - Vice News: In The Field With The Israeli Rabbis Protecting Palestinian Olive Farmers

Oct. 2015 - The Source magazine: Healing The Wounds Of Conflict Through Water Diplomacy

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